C.O.H.E.SION – Cultural Bridges for Youth Employability and Inclusion



8 days, 17 countries, 34 youth workers, 3 trainers, 2 support staff and 1 coordinator. 3 creative workshops, 1 campaign and 1 topic – the promotion of tolerance through the increase of employability skills of youth workers working with migrants.

These are few indicative numbers behind the wonderful learning experience participants had during the Training “C.O.H.E.SION – Cultural Bridges for youth employability and inclusion”, held in Baida – a small Sicilian village at the outskirts of Palermo.

Through different interactive sessions, the participants were introduced to topics such as intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, employability and migration. Together, they discovered the facets of their multicultural selves reflecting on different identities that shaped their viewpoint on the world in an attempt to become culturally sensitive and responsive.

Participants walked in somebody else’s shoes and contemplated on the existence and power of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination. Different views and experiences were shared during in-depth sessions of reciprocal development.

Moving on the topic of migration they talked about the challenges that migrants face, first back home and then in their host countries. They had the opportunity to visit two migrants’ centres in Palermo – Centro Astalli and Centro Santa Chiara – and to experience, first-hand, how multicultural and hospitable Palermo is.

During the creative workshops, there were many ideas and various outcomes: the iMigration Campaign is worth mentioning due to the number of personal and institutional supporters it received yet in the very first days of its launching. Read more here.

Of course, friendships got strengthened and other started during the Training. Hip-Hop morning energizers, intercultural dinners and national dances were shared among all members of this colourful group ;)

C.O.H.E.SION was a training course organized by CESIE and funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme, Key Action 1, Mobility of Youth Workers, in which Inter Alia was a partner.

If you are interested to know more about C.O.H.E.SION, or to take part in any mobility opportunity at Inter Alia, send an e-mail to Boyka at: boneva@interaliaproject.com

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