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Youth Exchange, 23 Sep – 2 Oct 2015, Kilingi-Nõmme, Estonia

The VOTE project brings together 30 youngsters from 3 European countries: the Czech Republic, Greece and our hosts from Estonia with the aim of cultivating and increasing participants’ political responsibility, because in this way they will be active members of the society and will find jobs easier.

Impressions of Students that took part in the Youth Exchange


Our team of 10: Marios, Konstantina, Stathis, Alexandros, Konstantina-Eleni, Konstantina-Maria, Stavros, Christos, Evangelia and Sapfo

After finishing the VOTE project with our partners in Estonia and returning to our country we have the strong feeling to talk about our experiences. From the very first time of our arrival in Riga airport we all realised that it will be something totally new for the whole Greek team. The Estonian group had organised a really interesting and full of activities program in order to help us in knowing each other. Every day in the morning we had meetings to discuss and prepare the manifest about several political problems in our countries in order to present it to the Ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Greece and Estonia.

Our intention is also to give the manifest to the President of the Greek Parliament. We were also discussing in the afternoon. In between we had lots of activities with special interest. Our hosts offered us the opportunity to see the Estonian landscape and to compare the different cultures of our countries. Also we had a special traditional night tasting food and dancing folklore dances . We took part in a local marathon. Last but not least, we have the due to mention the hospitality of the Estonian group starting from the headmaster of the high school , the teachers and of course the students. They tried their best to make our staying nice and beautiful. Three weeks later we are still impressed from the whole trip. We believe we reached the purpose of the program.

So, we invite you to come to Greece and give us the chance to present you our country.

A letter to Estonia:

Dear friends,

We already missed you .We had a great time there and we were impressed by your hospitality . It was such an experience to participate in this programme. The memories will always be in our minds . We are waiting for you to come in Greece. Our intention is also to give the manifest to the President of the Greek Parliament. Greetings to all of you !!!!

Ly, the coordinator of the VOTE project in Estonia:

We did it!!!! :)))) I enjoyed every moment of it! And I'm sure this one will not be the last project to coordinate for us.

As I spent lots of time with the group, they got like my own family members and it was really sad to say goodbye.

It was really nice to see everybody working, arguing and discussing :) There was no need to tell them what to do.

To my mind the political theatre was the most exciting thing during our project. It helped a lot to break the ice and the teacher was just fantastic! The performance was something incredible! I wish you could see that! 




We often hear in Greece that politics is not important and even irrelevant to teenagers. This group of 30 high-school students will join forces to prove the opposite. Given that all of them come from small towns they want to find out if political and social participation on local level, in their home-town has anything to do with more abstract and remote decisions as voting for national Parliamentarian elections and even for the European Parliament.

Through various activities as the political theatre, peer learning, team work and interactive presentations, they will try to find ways of giving voice to youngsters, and transforming them into an active part in each decision making process, either in their home towns, at a state level or within the EU structures.

During the really well-prepared and exciting advanced planning visit, we could meet the hosting team, get to know each other, check the facilities and the food ;) and even play some national and international sports. We met the headmaster of the school, members of the local government and tested the Baltic sea for few seconds. All we know now is that this youth exchange will be enjoyable and full of youth power!

Good luck, active and responsible teenagers!!


The Project is Co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme.

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