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Youth Exchange, 2 – 12 November 2015, Little Gaddesden, UK

There is no doubt that I am glad about my participation in this programme. I had the chance to learn about martial arts like judo, karate and kick boxing and to practise every day. Apart this, I acquired a lot of information on leadership topic. Personally, I am going  use all this  knowledge on my business. Also, the hospitability was really warm and hosts so smiling and friendly. The team had less than ten participants so we were  really close to each other. Fortunately for us we had a free day so we spent a whole day in London. One of the drawbacks was that the hostel was far away from inhabitable area so every time we had to walk at least 3km to find a mini market or internet connection.

Yiannis Lampropoulos , 19 , Thessaloniki:
Being back to base since 4 days, I think I have totally understood what happened the past 10 days in England. First of all, I have taken part in the UK Leadership Experience in Little Gaddesen, a place that is way peculiar , to me, in relation with my thoughts about England. That’s why because when I was thinking about UK, London was coming to my mind all the time. However, that isolated village with not more than 500 people was the perfect location for the workshop.
We were starting our day with a hot cup of coffee and an interactive activity which was different from day to day - discussion, acting, pantomime, drawing etc. - before engaging in martial arts.

I found that very interesting ,although I wasn’t expecting it, because martial arts and leadership are highly connected with each other.
The whole program was about Leadership but not like management. We emphasised on viewing people as the main substance for business success. If your employees are satisfied and they respect you , then they will follow you and your orders no matter the cost. We also learned about different categories of people concerning their personal characteristics and the way they act. People understanding is a crucial ability/skill and also a must-have for a good and efficient leader.

However, apart from the educational part of the program, it gave me the opportunity to meet new people, foreign cultures and mentalities and helped me to feel comfortable outside my comfort zone. Nowadays, it is essential to be capable to interact with people, either in business affairs or in university issues.
Also, I have made 7 new friends, with them we exchanged stimulus and opinions.
You have to live that experience that I took part in order to understand the importance of it. That’s why, although my first thoughts about going or not were controversial, now I have three words to say to every single one of you that is able to have an analogous experience:  Go For It!!


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