Sustainable Growth and Strengthening Social Participation



On 15 July 2016 Inter Alia took part in one of the panels organized in the framework of the 4-day debate on Sustainable growth and ways to strengthen the social participation among youngsters. We had the opportunity to present our Mission and Vision along with some of our on-going projects as the Ask the Locals and Mission Responsible. The audience, made up by young activists and potential social entrepreneurs asked multiple questions about the structure and the functioning of the organization.

Our hosts secured a calm atmosphere and an engaging program including energizers and non-formal elements during the conversation. Involved speakers came from diverse fields and backgrounds, in order to offer to the youngsters attending a wide scope of views and possibilities for action at different levels. 

The event took place at the Europe Direct Point in the centre of Athens.

For more information contact Nikos Papakostas at papakostas@interaliaproject.com

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