Green Gaming



Training Course on Eco Gamification, 7-14 October 2016, Tenerife, Spain

By Foteini Sofouri and Julie Kyriazi

During our participation in the Green Gaming training course we got the chance to experience the connection between  human and nature, through outside activities in the breathtaking volcanic scenery of Tenerife as well as team building activities that enabled us to connect to each other. We gained knowledge and soft-skills while creating, testing and, of course, playing games. Learning is not supposed to be boring nor passive but instead it should engage the individuals into a never-ending search for new experiences and thoughts.

The cultural exchange was of course an important part of the course: we came into contact with participants from Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania and were of course immersed into the local culture by learning Spanish, tasting local food, talking with locals. What is more, during our stay in the village of Guia de Isora we shared our games with local youngsters in a festival organized for the youth. We had the chance to meet people and discuss, sing, dance and play together! We both ended up deciding to study Spanish in the near future.

Last but not least, we made new friendships and possible future partnerships as well. The training was well-organized up to every detail, making it a useful and creative experience for us.


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