Antygone on Tour: Acquiring New Tools for Youngsters against Social Exclusion and Extremism



Youth Exchange, Athens 20 – 29 March 2017

By Sara Anna Iannone

For the third time the “Antygone on Tour” project has managed to bring together 52 bright youngsters from 10 different countries (Portugal, France, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Austria). The idea behind the project is to make use of the Antigone tragedy by Sophocles to tackle present-day issues like migration and extremism. The main objectives of this Youth Exchange were to encourage tolerance and non-violence and to strengthen youngsters’ active citizenship and personal skills.

Inter Alia and Proposito Inadiavel were the two organizations that planned and coordinate this unique and amazing experience. During the exchange, participants had the opportunity to acquire theatrical skills, to learn from their peers and, of course, to have fun together! Apart from the theatre techniques and the movement workshops, there were also team building, fun energizers, and evaluation activities where participants were split into families that reunite at the end of the day to discuss about what they’ve learnt.

The two intercultural nights were a big success because every team brought the best food and drinks of their own country.  There was also the screening of the documentary produced by Inter Alia called “The Poor Cousin”. To get us further in the mood, a day trip to the ancient theatre of Epidavros and to the beautiful town of Nafplion was scheduled right before our transfer to Athens. We spent the first 4 days of the YE at a scout camp in Agios Andreas. Once in Athens, participants really focused on the final play and, of course, on discovering this wonderful city as well. The day of the performance participants went around Athens to disseminate and promote the play through hand-made leaflets, flash mobs and street improvisations. They all did their best to invite as many people as possible and, as a matter of fact, the play was a huge success.  The audience ranged from friends to refugees….

It’s impossible to describe the feeling of accomplishment we all felt!

This was my first Youth Exchange and I didn’t expect it to be so full of emotions. I met really amazing people, learnt a lot of new things and discovered new competences that I didn’t know I had. It really helped me grow wiser, more open-minded and curious about new cultures! Parting was very difficult because we started feeling a little bit like a big, happy family. However, many of us will reunite during the summer and we continue to keep in touch through Facebook.

Thank you very much everybody!!!

For more details on this and other mobility opportunities with us, ask Boyka at boneva@interaliaproject.com

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