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Phase 1: Collection of Opinions: http://issuu.com/nikospass/docs/election_is_coming...
Phase 2: The EU in your Eyes
Phase 3: Debate with Highschool students in schools around Greece: See related piece below


BB: Filling in the gaps

Debate 14/04/2014


Delphiko Conservatory (6 Korinthias Str. Athens), 9th of April, 18:30h

INTER ALIA Civic Action Meeting Point and the Association of Albanian Students organised an interactive event as a part of a wider project that attempts to engage youths in civic debate on perceptions on the EU and the upcoming European Parliament Elections.

In the beginning of the event, Nikos Papakostas from INTER ALIA and David Rama from ASA welcomed the participants and introduced them to the project.

At the same time, the participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning perceptions on the EU (To see the questionnaire forms click on the images at the end of the page).    

Then, Nikos Papakostas and Nikos Pasamitros from INTER ALIA hosted a brainstorming activity on the “brand name” called European Union. The aim was to gather information and let people, from a non-EU country who live in an EU one, express themselves. INTER ALIA’s Fotis Lavdas assisted the facilitators in the process as the tempo was rugged.

After that, based on the brainstorming, the participants shared their thoughts on the EU, the prospective future of Albania inside the Union, the rights and responsibilities that come with membership, the May European Parliament Elections and the impact of the crisis on the EU. The discussion was lively and constructive. The discussion was fed by the presentation of the questionnaire data that were further analysed and compared to previous data collected from EU citizens.

Finally, the attendees were split in two teams and competed in a question game that tested their knowledge on the EU institutions and functions. The winners and the losers were offered the official t-shirts of the Building Bridges Project.

The event is part of the Building Bridges project which is organised by Inter Alia and co-funded by



Albanian Group Q

EU Group Q


Building Bridges in Greek Highschools


Debate 18/03/2014

The 3rd phase of the "Election is Coming...To vote or not to vote" project is about ACTION. Inter Alia is carrying out a campaign to inform high-school students, eligible to vote in the upcoming elections, about the 2014 European Parliament elections.


If you are a school and want to be visited by INTER ALIA team in the framework of the project, contact us at info@interaliaproject.com

Doukas Senior High School


Doukas International Baccalaureate


Kalentini Senior High School


Kompoti Senior High School


Diaselo Senior High School

Arta 3rd Senior High School

Arta 1st Senior High School

Agia Paraskevi 2nd Senior High School


Penteli Senior High School




Bulding Bridges T-shirts received & available now ! ! !


If you are a school and want to be visited by INTER ALIA team in the framework of the project, contact us at info@interaliaproject.com

Piraeus 6th/1st Senior High School

2 Sessions, 112 high-school students, 2 winning teams

Chalandri 5th Senior High School




Bridging Buildings - Connecting Continents


Debate co-organized by Inter Alia, Civic Action Meeting Point and Arcadia University Athens

6 February, 2014 @ Arcadia Study Abroad - Greece

On the 6th of February, Inter Alia along with the
Arcadia University Athens organised the “Bridging Buildings – Connecting Continents” event. The event was an attempt to discover and discuss the existing similarities and differences between the EU and USA as (supra)national structures. Are the features in common for the youth on both sides of the Atlantic more than their distinctive qualities? How about generalizations? Can we avoid them in our endeavor against stereotyping?
The main aim of this meeting was the interaction between EU (Greek, mainly) and non-EU (US) students on the certain topic. Increasing intercultural awareness and understanding along with identification of false perceptions and stereotypes constituted the basic objectives of the program, which the organisers attempted to tackle through non-formal methods of education, interactive dialogue and game.


Event Programme:
11.00 – Registration
11.30 – Energizer, short overview of the event, expectations
11.40 – Fill in the survey now! (Takes 5’)
11.50 – Brief presentation of results
12.00 – Discussion facilitated by Nikos, Nikos and Boyka
12.50 – Wrap up- Reflection on the eve

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