Democracy Explored 2.0



Inter Alia’s working group on Democracy started in June 2013

The Democracy Explored V2.0 Project is currently active.

Our meetings so far:

21st Century Labour vs. Slavery

Working Paper HERE

Hitchhiker's Guide to Democracy

Presentation HERE

Playing with Temptation

Presentation HERE

Party Politics

Presentation HERE




Why this title? The project was conceived and inspired during the Training “Democracy Explored” in Ireland, May 2013. Building on that – you are welcome to create and improve a second edition, hence the 2.0 (two.zero).

Why this group? The main aim for the formation of the group is the acquiring of a deeper understanding on the term democracy both in theory and practice. Moreover, democracy as an issue will be discussed on personal, local, societal, regional, national and European level.

Objectives: Through the functioning of the group, we will explore young people’s first knowledge and understanding of Democracy. All members will have the opportunity to exchange their personal opinions and experience, thus gaining a first-hand perception of how they can become involved in the life of their communities and in decision-making processes on issues of their own concern. Through a non-formal way of learning, we’ll inform each other, discuss and train on how democracy really works. 

How? Through the creation of a motivated and culturally diverse (mixed) working group of young people (15-35, although the age limit is not restrictive).

Participation: This is an open group, aiming at discussing and exploring the idea of Democracy on all possible levels.

If you are interested to join, send a short e-mail to: boneva@interaliaproject.com

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