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Learning from the Bigger Brother

 For further information about this project or other mobility activities, write to boneva@interaliaproject.com


mosaicoInter Alia’s Boyka Boneva embarks on an adventurous 6-month journey. She is going to Palermo, Italy, where she’ll live, work, learn and study about youth work.

For all those interested in youth work, she launches the NEA PRAGMATA virtual corner to share experiences, spread the news and of course - to ask for help.
The purpose of this blog is to share her experiences during the mobility in order to increase the visibility of the project, thus making the youth work more popular, recognized and eventually acknowledged.


Week 34 Reflection Time

Week 30 Back

Week 26 Is it really?
Week 25 When a Family makes the difference
Week 24 When saying goodbye becomes a habit
Week 23 Erasmus, Erasmus+ and counting…
Week 22 Cambodia
Week 21 Under the clear sky
Week 20 Back to reality
Week 19 Lampedusa – I want to see you again!
Week 18 Back but not for long
Week 17 Ambulanti: from Italy to Mongolia through Bulgaria – COME ALONG!
Week 16 The Week of the Party
Week 15 Viva Santa Rosalia
Week 14 A little bit of everything, a little bit of nothing
Week 13 Done with the half of it!
Week 12 Letter from the office (aka Epistula ex villa)
Week 11 Post TC feeling of euphoria

Week 10 Sport Plus – An Experience beyond Expectations

Week 9 Preparation / Outing/ Feeling IN

Week 8 I am learning new things, NEA PRAGMATA works

Week 7 Preparations for the EP Elections, the most important ones in the history of the EU so far

Week 6 When integration is hard, you try harder

Week 5 In and Out

Week 4 Proceeding with Italian – language and integration into the local…

Week 3 Integration on track

Week 2 Settimana Santa (Μεγάλη Εβδομάδα)

Week 1 Tuning into the New Reality

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