Europe Day-Sketching the Future



9 May – Europe Day


On the occasion of Europe Day 2014 (9 May), Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Greece (KAS) and Inter Alia organised an interactive event for young people, aiming to highlight the significance of the European Union in the life of Greece and the citizens.

The "adventure" kicked off in the office of KAS Athens, 8, Mourouzi str. The activity inspirers from Inter Alia coordinated a first round of discussions on Europe, its challenges and future. Then, the participants split into groups of 5, picking a topic of EU concern. With the assistance and guidance of a coach they conducted an outdoor research in any shape they decided. Participants used pictures, video, interviews, acting and other means in order to explore their chosen EU-related topic in depth. The 4 topics were: (1) Employability and Youth Unemployment, (2) Political Apathy VS Citizenship, (3) War & Peace and (4) Media.

Subsequently, they returned to the KAS Athens office to prepare their presentations. At the end of the day, they presented their topic and findings to a jury, which alongside the participants co-decided on the winning team. The winning project was a practical guide for young entrepreneurs developed by theEmployability and Youth Unemployment team. 


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